About Me

Hi, I'm Gianni

an Italian Wedding Photographer based in Tuscany. I have always been passionate about photography, and since I was a child I have dedicated my time to photography. Today thanks to my collaboration with Riccardo Pieri I have managed to turn this passion into a job.
I love meeting new people, and the job of wedding photographer allows me to meet amazing people from whom I have learnt something simply because every person has a story to tell which is instructive and can help us grow.

My Philosophy

When I work my goal is to capture the authenticity and spontaneity of the moment in the most beautiful setting possible. As far as I am concerned this sums up what I try to do as a Wedding Photographer: to put together in a single photo objective beauty, and a more intimate and subjective beauty, the awareness that behind the smile in that photo there is a story.


Riccardo Pieri

It happens to everybody in life to be lucky enough to meet someone who, without even knowing, will pass on their passion and also help make it an important part of our own existence.
However, it does not happens to everybody that that person, who subconsciously influenced you, will be willing to offer you all of his experience and knowledge always with the maximum of professionalism and willingness.
For this reason I consider myself lucky for having the chance to add to the great friendship with Riccardo Pieri a colleagues relationship like Wedding Photographer.

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