It is easy to be banal when asked to define “the wedding day” – an infinite succession of contrasting emotions – smiles give way to tears in a heartbeat, and the nervousness of the day you have spent ages waiting for gives way to the joy of a moment you want to last forever.

My work consists of taking photos at weddings however, it is very hard to define it in simply these terms! It is undoubtedly something that goes beyond this: seeking and finding the moment in which the bride’s eyes fill with tears., the embarrassed smile which hides a story full of love, the bride’s walk towards the altar provokes myriad emotions in me, and allows me the enormous privilege of narrating such an important moment.

In order to meet all your requests, I have created various packages for my wedding photo shoots.

Find out more about my photo shoots and do feel free to contact me for any queries or information. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions and organize your big day in the best way possible.

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